Does addiction define you?

What if you could see yourself through the eyes of your maker?

At Transformations Center for Healing, we offer you a residential, holistic approach to healing the bondage of substance use.

You have a path to recovery. Let’s start here.

Our Healing Approach

Recovery is a journey of self-discovery that empowers you to redefine your identity and re-write your story. Our unique, one-year residential program focuses on the physical, psychological, and spiritual being in order to heal the whole self.

Residential Recovery Program Self-Discovery + Regeneration + Lead in Love
Discipleship Program Discipleship + Leadership Development + Independence
Family Support Program Education + Support + Restoration
Recovery Pod Program Healing + Hope + Hunger

Be the “yes” that changes a life.

Your generosity and support opens doors for women seeking the path of recovery from their addiction and brokenness.

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Sat, August 01 @ 11:00 am

6th Annual Trevor Vautaw Memorial Golf Outing

Registration for the 6th Annual Trevor Vautaw Memorial Golf Outing is open! Lots of exciting CHANGES this year!! Click the arrow to sign up to play GOLF, become a SPONSOR, or make a donation to the SILENT AUCTION!!