Our Mission

Applying a practice of self-discovery and healing, Transformations Center for Healing is a Christ-centered holistic residential recovery center intently focused on restoring the identity and lives of women suffering from substance use disorder.

Our Vision

Transformations Center for Healing will endeavor continuously to provide women in need with the opportunity to experience freedom and healing from substance use disorder and its related symptoms.

What we're all about

Christ-centered and Holistic Residential Recovery

Transformations Center for Healing’s founder has utilized research, proven treatment programs and her own experience with addiction and recovery to develop a unique, individual-focused and strategically-designed program to address the brokeness of addiction.

At Transformations, we understand that each woman’s life journey is unique. That’s why each woman’s curriculum and journey to recovery is customized to meet their specific goals and needs. We achieve this level of individualized care through our hands-on, one-on-one approach and comprehensive therapeutic care plans.

No matter your addiction, Transformations’ experienced and trained counselors and staff apply a combination of individual, group and family therapy to create an optimal healing environment for mental, physical and spiritual self-discovery and renewal.

And our treatment plan would be worth nothing if we didn’t also prepare our residents for long-term success. That’s why we also offer an intensive transitional program focused on preparing and assisting individuals for post-treatment independence – so they can live a full, happy and healthy life.

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Our Founder's Story

Laci Giboney, Founder and CEO of Transformations Center for Healing, has walked in the shoes of her residents.

I personally understand the control and power your addiction can have over your life.

My healing began when I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. As I began to understand His deep, unwavering love and forgiveness for me, I began to see myself through the eyes of my Maker.

Addiction is a manifestation, a symptom of deep pain and brokenness. Transformations has been strategically designed to empower women to address all areas of brokenness and to become transformed.

The love of Jesus Christ can change us. It has the power to transform.

Our talented and dedicated
team members are here to serve you.

Laci Giboney
Laci Giboney LSW
Founder and Executive Director
Jenna Houk
Jenna Houk
Residential Program Director
Amber Harvey
Executive Assistant
Kendra Swyler
Kendra Swyler
Admin Assistant & Recovery Coach

Board of Directors

Mason Hughes
Mason Hughes Financial Planner,
Valeo Financial Advisors 
Laci Giboney
Laci Giboney Founder & Executive Director,
Transformations Center for Healing 
Vice President
Irv Paul
Irv Paul Elder,
White River Christian Church 
Debbie Bergman
Debbie Bergman Life Church 
Program Care Advisor
Cindi Vautaw
Cindi Vautaw Registered Nurse,
Community Health Network
Trevor Vautaw Memorial Golf Outing  
Fundraising & Community Outreach Advisor
Kurt Karns
Kurt Karns Owner & President,
Karns, Inc Concrete 
Business & Development Advisor
Tom Morales
Tom Morales Co-founder & CEO,
Morales Group 
Business & Development Advisor