When women are introduced to healing as a new perspective and they experience the freedom it brings, they become hungry for more and continue their recovery journey post incarceration.

Transformations Jail Ministry

Transformations has a vision to take our program to county jails so that we can bring healing and freedom to women we would not otherwise be able to reach. We guide women through the healing journey as they seek to build a relationship with Jesus Christ so that they can learn to walk in their God given identity and fulfill God's purpose for their lives.

In January 2018 the first Transformations Jail Ministry opened at the Hamilton County Jail in Noblesville, Indiana. In 2021 we transitioned to ‘Introduction to Recovery’, allowing us reach more women. We have had the opportunity to serve 250+ women through this program.

Through our Jail Ministry women:

  • Resolve trauma using Subconscious Mindset Coaching that works quickly and painlessly without reliving it over and over again
  • Explore the question "Why do I keep doing the very thing I do not want to do?" using ‘The Genesis Process’ group curriculum
  • Gain understanding of how trauma and wounds have shaped our perspectives of self and the world around us
  • Learn practical tools to create new patterns of thinking and behaviors
  • Build emotional intelligence and healthy interpersonal skills
  • Discover how to live in full surrender to Jesus Christ and invite Him into our brokenness so that He can transform us

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

I’ve been in and out of jail since 2003. This is the first time I’ve had a knowing that I’m never coming back. — Amber


“I used to be a mean and angry person. I’ve been in so many fights and it got ugly. Now I’m very peaceful. Other inmates told me they could see so much change in me, but I didn’t see it until earlier this week when someone tried to start an argument with me. The old version of me would’ve been across the table, grabbing her my the hair. The new me stayed calm and walked away to my room. I cleared it and that was the end of it.

When I was using, I went to many different counties to buy or use drugs, but I’d only been to Hamilton County a few times. It never made sense that this is where I got arrested. I now realize God put me here for a reason. This is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Thanks to the Transformations program, I’m not just a better person than I when I got arrested, I’m a better person than I was 7 years ago when I started getting high. Previously, I would’ve killed to get work release, now I’d stay here for another year rather than go to work release. I experienced a true transformation and I want more of it. When I leave here, I want to go to Transformations Center for Healing so I can experience even more healing.”
— Jennifer

“I’ve been to rehab programs and drug court many times before, but I’d never heard of Transformations Center for Healing. I learned a lot in this class and I love it! The ladies always tell me I look so revived when I come back from class each week. I just love it. I love the change I see in other people in the class too.”
— Chastity

“When I got here, I was so focused on what everyone else thought. Now, I care about what I think and what I need to do. I look forward to this class each week. People see a difference in me each time I get back from class. They want to know what I learned. With the Transformations class and the tools it has given me, I know I can be successful. Before this class, I was devastated I had to be in here for a year. I hated life. Now I can sleep at night. I look forward to life again.”
— DeLane

“Anger is a horrible emotion to feel. I was an addict for 17 years. It started when my son was an infant and I was given Vicodin. Eventually, I realized I was using it to cover up emotions — all the stuff I didn’t want to feel. Finally, thanks to the Transformations class, I know how to handle those emotions and I no longer have to cover them up. I forgot who I was in all those years. Now I’m ready to experience life again. Between the tools from Transformations and my bible, I have what I need. I can’t wait to teach this to my kids. Nothing has ever worked before, but my new motto is Go forth. Create change.”
— Amber

We offer you a holistic approach to healing the bondage of substance use.

You have a path to recovery. Let’s start here.